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From the beginning, school provides yoga classes to every student for maintaining good health and physical fitness enabling the students to live an energetic, wholesome and productive life.
What is Yoga?
If you thought that yoga was all about bending and twisting your body in odd shapes, it's time to rethink. Yoga is much more. In very simple words, giving care to your body, mind and breath is yoga. This means that the century-old practice includes yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas) and meditation. Through these, the body, mind and breath come in harmony with each other and that very moment yoga happens.
Yoga for everyone
Yoga has never been alien to us. It's a way of our life. We have been doing it since we were a baby! Whether it was the Cat Stretch to strengthen their spine or the Wind-Relieving pose to boost digestion, you will always see kids do some form of yoga throughout the day. It's now time to get back to the practice and Sri Sri Yoga can be your guide. Here, you will find something for everyone – be it a beginner in yoga to the practice or an advanced practitioner, children or adults, women or the elderly – all can benefit at the yoga courses.
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